Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pitching in on and off the field

Terry Casey
The game on Saturday was a magnificent result for the club because we were forced to field a team with three teenagers starting the match in what must have been one of the youngest midfield the club have ever fielded. 

The performance of the youngsters was superb and it was a great tribute to the club's youth system. The youth team and all those who put on a Maidstone United shirt at whatever level should feel that they are part of the club because successful junior teams feeding through to the first team can only be good for the future of football club as a whole.

I have been watching the debate over whether the club should go for a 3g or grass playing surface and I should say that it is not my current priority and although I am enjoying the mini revival that has taken place on the field the harsh reality is that the finances of the club continue to pose a threat to the very existence of Maidstone United. The facts are that we have inherited a business that loses almost £2,000 each week. The £3,000 we will receive from the FA from Saturday's win is very welcome.

We inherited debts that had to be settled such as a loan secured on the land that was carrying a double figure interest rate from a mortgage company that could have repossessed the land at Whatman Way had we not settled. We are also trying to secure the freehold to the land from the the Ministry of Defence. There are numerous other creditors that have to be satisfied to give confidence to all future investors and to restore integrity and credibility to the club.

To save the club it has already cost well over £100,000 and to ensure the club continues until the end of the season it could conceivably cost a further £100,000. Further funds must be directed at advertising and promotional campaigns to attract about £1million to construct the stadium. If we are determined to attract this funding otherwise all the money that has been invested will have been wasted.

Of course discussions and planning for the new stadium must take place in conjunction with the stabilisation of the club and I am convinced that Maidstone United will soon be playing back in Maidstone but there is a long way to go before the decision on which surface to play on becomes the next job on the list.