Monday, 12 August 2013

Message from Terry Casey following Saturday's match

The events on Saturday were very disappointing for all genuine supporters of Maidstone United. 

We have been in discussions throughout the weekend and met today to look at photographic evidence, in an attempt to find out how the problems began, and how we propose to deal with any possible future difficulties.

It would appear from the CCTV footage and photos that there was provocation from the beginning of the match from a very small number of supporters from both sides.

It’s important that lessons are learned. Since opening last July, we put in place arrangements to provide comfort and security for all. Given what happened we must make sure that we are better prepared in the future.  

Some of those of preparations and actions will be behind the scenes in the run-up to games, others will be more visible. For example, we intend to increase the numbers of trained professional safety stewards and will consider arranging a police presence for at least some of the games. 

We have photographic evidence of some individuals who embarrassed the club in Calais and we have reason to believe they may have been involved on Saturday. This small group of people are not supporters of Maidstone United. We will identify them and ban them from the ground.

May I make it crystal clear that any person entering the stadium who is responsible for anti-social or violent behaviour will be removed, banned and may even be prosecuted.

Saturday’s isolated incidents almost spoiled the enjoyment of more than two thousand people, so they must be stamped out immediately.